Moon Valley’s Lookout Mountain Elementary School Receives Top Arizona Ranking

Phoenix Realtor Arizona 03/04/2012

If you are putting your children’s education at the top of your priority list, and making a quality school in Arizona a core to your decision of where in Phoenix you will end up living, you need to take a look at Lookout Mountain Elementary School.

Based on the top two public school ranking systems, Lookout Mountain Elementary School, located in the heart of the Moon Valley area of North Phoenix Arizona, is only one of a few schools to receive a distinguished rating of 90% or better when compared to all other public elementary schools in Arizona.

Moon Valley's Lookout Mountain Elementary school received top rankings for the state of Arizona.

What does this mean for buyers and current homeowners of Moon Valley real estate?

Well for the buyers, the good news is that by buying a home in Moon Valley, you can be assured that if you have a child in elementary school, your child will receive a much better than average education as compared to other children in Arizona public elementary schools. The bad news is that there is much more demand for the homes you’ll be considering due to the fact that the Moon Valley community of North Phoenix is so popular with families. But look at the bright side; you values should hold well or much better when compared to other Phoenix Arizona communities.

For sellers, this means that the values of your homes should hold well when compared to the average home of similar size in Phoenix Arizona. With finances being tighter for the average American family, top ranking public schools such as Lookout Mountain Elementary are quickly becoming a luxury for many families.

Moon Valley real estate has, and should continue to be highly sought after, helping to support more stable Moon Valley home prices as we continue to move through this challenging economy.