Moon Valley Home Sales for the Year of 2012

Phoenix Realtor Arizona 01/10/2013

Overall, the number of Moon Valley home sales that closed during 2012 was quite a bit lower than expected due to the lower than average Moon Valley real estate inventory levels throughout the year.

Our measure of Moon Valley homes includes all the real estate that lies between Cactus Road/Thunderbird Road on the South side and Greenway Boulevard on the South side with exception to the inclusion of Turtle Creek which is on the North side of Greenway. Our East boundary of Moon Valley real estate lies in line with 16th Street and we have extended West to include all the property atop the mountain bordering Coral Gables Drive.

For the year 2012, there were 354 Moon Valley real estate sales that closed. Included in those 354 Moon Valley property sales was one Moon Valley condo, two Moon Valley patio homes, 333 Moon Valley properties classified as detached single family homes and 18 Moon Valley townhomes. Again, this Moon Valley real estate is in an area of North Phoenix between Thunderbird Road and Greenway Boulevard. Below are general Moon Valley home sales numbers for 2012:

There were 354 Moon Valley home sales during the year of 2012.
Homes Closed: 354
Average List Price ($/SF): $115.42
Average Sale Price ($/SF): $111.55
Average Days on Market: 80

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