July 2015 Sold Moon Valley Homes

Phoenix Realtor Arizona 08/04/2015

There were 42 July 2015 sold Moon Valley homes. Included in these Moon Valley property sales were two Moon Valley condos, four Moon Valley townhomes and 36 Moon Valley single family detached homes. General overview sales numbers for Moon Valley property are below:

The top ranked Lookout Mountain Elementary School was completely rebuilt less than two years ago. That school, the Moon Valley Country Club and Moon Valley Park have all played a large role in supporting the need for families to live within the Moon Valley community. Moon Valley real estate values held relatively well during the burst of the Arizona real estate bubble primarily because the area was not as well known as other North Phoenix and Scottsdale communities and still to this day, remains very undervalued. Pricing has been very stable in the area and many Moon Valley homes are experiencing beautiful upgrading and remodeling.

July 2015 Sold Moon Valley Homes Figures

There were 42 July 2015 sold Moon Valley homes and included Moon Valley condos and townhomes.
Homes Closed: 42
Average List Price ($/SF): $145.03
Average Sale Price ($/SF): $141.58
Average Days on Market: 87

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