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Moon Valley Homes for Sale Inventory

Phoenix Realtor Arizona 09/07/2012

As of today (the date of this post), there are only 61 Moon Valley homes for sale. The available Moon Valley real estate inventory is very low.

The prices on the available inventory begin with a $173,900 1,348 sq ft Hillcrest 7 home at the low end and go up to a $1,075,000 5,154 sq ft Coral Gables Estate custom home at the high end.

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1031 Exchange for Moon Valley Real Estate in North Phoenix Arizona – What You Should Know

Phoenix Realtor Arizona 01/03/2012

With Moon Valley homes for sale in the North Phoenix Arizona real estate market being in such high demand, investors should understand clearly, how 1031 exchange transactions work and what the requirements are for buying and selling Moon Valley real estate investment.

From an audit perspective, State and Federal taxing authorities continue to place focus on 1031 exchanges as a subject to top audit issues; this fact has been confirmed through reports by the Franchise Tax Board of a many large states.

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