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July 2013 Sales for Moon Valley Homes

Phoenix Realtor Arizona 08/30/2013

There were 34 Moon Valley homes that sold during the month of July 2013. Included in the July Moon Valley home sales is a Moon Valley patio home, 30 Moon Valley single family detached homes and three Moon Valley townhomes. General overview sales numbers for Moon Valley property are below:

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Phoenix Renter vs. Investor Buyer Statistics for Residential Home Leases During June 2012

Phoenix Realtor Arizona 06/19/2012

This report features the RCQ™ (Rent Check Quotient™) which is a ratio of the number of Phoenix residential home rentals to the number of closed Phoenix home sales. Rental activity in this market has been somewhat directly related to higher foreclosure numbers, and has been moving at inversely proportional rates to home ownership numbers. So, as Phoenix rental activity increases, would-be homeowners are becoming renters. Investor activity would also have increased to provide rental property for the increased number of renters. These homes would otherwise have been owner occupied houses.

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